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ConTech's accessories are designed to adapt our products for various applications in the energy industry.

Dump Valve Options photo - Torque Control

Dump Valve Optionsabout Dump Valve Options

An electronically operated hydraulic dump valve is a specialized component that utilizes electronic signals to precisely manage the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid within a hydraulic system. It plays a crucial role in maintaining precise torque control during the make or break process. These ConTech systems automatically reduce hydraulic pressure when the desired torque is reached, guaranteeing that the specified input requirements are met.

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Counters / Encoders photo - Torque Control

Counters / Encodersabout Counters / Encoders

Digital encoders are sophisticated electronic devices employed in diverse applications to transform physical motion or position into digital signals. Proximity counters, also referred to as proximity sensors or switches, are devices capable of detecting the presence or absence of objects or materials without making physical contact. In the context of torque measurement systems, either a proximity switch or an encoder can be utilized to indicate the position of the threads being assembled.

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Digital Load Cells – Tension / Compression / Clevis Pin photo - Torque Control

Digital Load Cells – Tension / Compression / Clevis Pinabout Digital Load Cells – Tension / Compression / Clevis Pin

A digital load cell is a specialized sensor that is employed to measure and continuously monitor applied loads in real time. When these measurements are combined with a known moment-arm length, it becomes possible to calculate the applied torque, which can then be displayed in real-time on a screen or included in a post-job report.

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